Custom Gay Wedding Bobbleheads with Dogs(price not include dogs)

CAD 170.00
CAD 170.00

Special Note

  1. If you do not find any body model online that closer to your idea, please choose "Fully custom" category and design the custom bobblehead from head to toe.
  2. Small accessories on the promised product will not charge any extra fees, such as hat, glasses,cup, flower, earrings, ring, tattoo, etc.
  3. We will send proofs to you via email after order, so please leave us valid email address.


Material of this custom bobblehead is Polymer Clay. The color is the clay itself, so bobble heads made in Bobbleheadscustom are actually more durable, brighter, true 3D likeness, and higher quality than those made from poly resin clay which is the material used by other providers.


The standard size of our custom bobbleheads lies in between from 6.5 inch–7.5 inch when standing. We also make big custom bobbleheads from 8 to 25 inches, please contact for large bobblehead quote. Kid bobblehead sizes are little bit smaller than adult.


Single custom bobble head doll is about 0.3 kg.


You can either upload your photos or send them to after order. All we require is a good front view to capture the look of the person you want to make for. The clearer the picture, the better the resemblance, meanwhile, recommend Smile Photos.

Clothes and Posture

We can make any change to bobblehead doll clothing or posture based on your photos. Please select "Changes to Clothing/Posture" when filling form on website.


We will send you the custom bobblehead proof by email within 7 business days for standard orders. Rush orders see proofs in 2-3 working days. Please reply us within 48 hours if any modification is required. We will not proceed to next step only when you are 100% satisfied!


We have gift box and greeting card for your option. In this way, you don't have to repack your personalized bobblehead before sending it away.

Easy Order Process

Our past examples

Customer Show

At Bobbleheads Custom, we are working around the clock to deliver customized bobbleheads with the highest standards of quality and intricacy. Designed with utmost focus on details, our bobbleheads are designed with attention to detail to make sure you or your loved ones can see the ultimate resemblance and resonate with the figurine.

Choosing The Premium Materials

We have been in the bobblehead market for over five years now, which has empowered us to understand the ins and outs of using different materials. Now, we are using top-notch polymer clay material to create bobbleheads. In addition, we have the clay color to make sure the figurine looks bright and achieves the 3D effect. On top of everything, we use the adaptive technique to make sure the bobblehead looks exactly like the provided picture.

High Resemblance

We have hired the most experienced artists who have years of experience in bobblehead creation and sculpting. In addition, we train them through extensive processes after hiring to make sure there are no compromises on the resemblance. For more assurance, you are welcome to read our reviews because that’s the ultimate testimonial you will need.

Focus On Details

At Bobbleheads Custom, we are highly focused on details as we want to create figurines that resonate with you. Ranging from sunglasses to flowers, tattoos to logos, helmets to flowers, and capes to other accessories, we ensure everything is added to the bobblehead.

100% handmade soap bar

Free Revisions For Everyone

When you order a bobblehead from us, we will send you online proofs or progress pictures for every figurine during the designing and creation processes to make sure we are on the right track. In addition, we promise unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with the results (yes, the revisions are done for free), and since we use polymer clay, changes in the design won’t damage the quality.

100% handmade soap bar

Quick Turnaround Time

At Bobbleheads Custom, you will be able to receive the customized figurines in in the minimal timespan. However, if you need urgent shipping, we can also ship the bobbleheads within your desired timeline with minimal extra charges because we want to deliver experiences rather than products only.

No Hidden Charges

We are ready to customize whichever design you like without any hidden charges (yes, we will add all the details). Ranging from shape to base color and minute details, we add everything to the bobblehead at the same price. In addition, we add glasses, caps, logos, helmets, and sunglasses without extra charges because we believe in free add-ons.

Providing Gift Wrapping

If you choose Bobbleheads Custom to design bobbleheads for gifting purposes, we offer an array of gift wrapping and gift cards to make sure the order is delivered in style. In fact, you are always welcome to choose the style and color of gift wrapping but the wrapping is available at extra charges.

meet the founder

Top-Notch Customer Service

At Bobbleheads Custom, we have hired the most professional and empathetic customer support team. Our team not only answers your queries but is always ready to go the extra mile to meet your requirements. In addition, our team is ready to help you brainstorm the design ideas.

Quick Order Processing

Last but not least, you can depend on us for easier order processing. We have an extremely well-designed store that empowers our consumers to have quick order processing. In addition, you will be able to select the desired colors and other details to optimize the customer experience!

True Testimonials From Customers

If you have purchased a bobblehead from us and would like to share a testimonial relating to our website, services and products, please email us at


Oh, my goodness. Perfect isn't even the best word here. I was a part of the process from start to finish, every detail had my approval. A great experience, and the final product is SO ADORABLE. Five stars isn't enough!

Carolyn      February 27, 2023

The bobble head was bought as a Christmas gift and is a likeness of a close friend. It was well made and Joyce sought and was responsive to any concerns I had. They are easy to communicate with and I am happy with the results. I think the recipient will be overjoyed. I recommend this company.

Silvia    January 2, 2023

Such a cool and unique gift!! The product is so well made. The artists are so sweet and have the BEST customer service. I highly recommend this company!!!I Love it!

Stephen    December 15, 2022

Candy was great at sending me pic during the making process and followed up once delivered. Would buy from her again for sure.   

John      November 2, 2022

They were very responsive and customized it just the way I wanted. My friend LOVED this bobblehead!

Jennifer   September 2, 2022

We ordered 13 bobbleheads for our high school baseball team. We needed them rather quickly for our event and they arrived in plenty of time. The quality was great. They look just like our players and the attention to detail is awesome. Very easy to work with and changed everything we wanted until they were exactly what we wanted. I’ll definitely order more in the future!

Jose  July 20, 2022



Top notch, thank you so much!

Christopher   June 27, 2022


Great work! Looked just like the person. Fast work and shipping. Thank you!

Carey   June 11, 2022


What a beautiful job! They worked closely with me to create the best gift ever. The detail from head to toe was perfection. They even created The Wasp superhero figure! Absolutely fabulous!! Highly recommend

Deborah   May 4, 2022


These bobble heads are sooo cute! I needed rush order and was able to add the rush to my cart and got the item so quickly and they were both gorgeous. I just want to say the girl bobble I got doesn’t really bobble because the hair is in the way…. But otherwise the hair would probably have to stick out and look terrible, so I get it.

Rebecca   Apr 7, 2022

Custom Gay Wedding Bobbleheads with Dogs(price not include dogs)
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