Since 2017, Bobbleheads Custom has been curating, designing, and launching intricate bobbleheads, we are ready to take things ahead. We have gained years of experience in designing high-quality bobbleheads since we have a professional team helping you out. We have an array of funny and customized bobbleheads that are perfect for gifts for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and retirement.

At Bobbleheads Custom, our team is more than happy to create customized bobbleheads as we are working to make top-notch yet affordable bobbleheads for everyone without compromising on the customization preferences. We are extremely focused on quality because our consumers deserve to get value for their money. We have an in-depth material and design proofing process to curate bobbleheads that last for years and look amazing.

At Bobbleheads Custom, we are utilizing polymer clay which helps us adopt the sculpture technique, which means you can get the modification done in the easiest manner - we want to be flexible enough for our consumer base. Still, the products are completely wrinkles-free and first-proof because you deserve quality. In simpler words, if you see some resemblance issues in the bobbleheads, we will be here to fix the problem for you.

At our store, we have an elaborate shopping system to make sure our consumers have an easy shopping experience. Our store is designed by experts to make sure the navigation is on-point, promising improved website performance. All in all, when you purchase the bobbleheads, we will send them in soft and highly resilient PE foam and a hard box to ensure safe transport.


Our Story

Our team has been working ever since to design well-designed and well-crafted bobbleheads. We started this platform because everyone deserves their own personalized figurine. Our bobbleheads are curated with attention-grabbing and intricate details that capture everyone’s attention and heart in the most appealing manner.

Our Team

At Bobbleheads Custom, we have launched two different teams that empower us to meet consumer needs with utmost perfection. To begin with, we have a sculptor team and a service team. The sculptor team is a combination of experienced and highly creative artists who add their magic to every bobblehead figurine without compromising on the detailing. We hire the artists after rigorous checks to make sure the sculpting jobs are done to perfection.

Our artists constantly work to design the bobbleheads properly to make sure there is a 3D effect. That’s because we utilize high-quality polymer clay, which allows us to ensure that the colors are bright and don’t come off. Having said that, our team leverages high-quality polymer clay and paints to create strong yet 3D effect-based bobbleheads. With each passing day, our team constantly works on expanding the product range.

On the other hand, our service team is trained systematically with the bobblehead designing and manufacturing knowledge to make sure they are able to answer the consumers’ queries and provide service that delivers ultimate value. Also, our service team works in close association with the artists to help answer the queries within four to five working hours. We pride ourselves on offering this prompt and reliable service to our consumers.


We Are Always Available For Your Queries!

At Bobbleheads Custom, we are constantly working to meet and exceed your expectations. In case you have to order or have some queries, you can reach out to us through email support, and our team can also be reached out through live online chat during working hours. On top of everything, our customer support team is trained enough to provide answers to your queries.

For all your custom bobblehead needs and inquiries, you can contact us anytime at


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